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What are vaginoplasty and why is it performed?

Vaginoplasty is a general name that includes several types of operations:

Labiaplasty – surgery of the labia for the purpose of repairing asymmetry, reducing the labia or removing excess skin near the vagina.

The process of reducing the vaginal opening – narrowing the vagina – (perineorraphy)

Fenton’s operation

An operation to reduce the entire vagina (vagionoplasty)

 The reasons why most women undergo vaginal surgery stem from changes in the structure and expansion of the vagina after childbirth, and because of a particular structure of the vagina or labia that causes problems with sex or discomfort when performing other activities. In recent years, the number of women who are interested in performing vaginoplasty, such as the designer vagina, has increased, especially in the Western world.

Usually after repeated births, the vaginal muscles become relaxed, which may lead to a feeling of expansion in the vaginal area, and a lack of satisfaction during intercourse from both sides. In this case, a woman’s resort to vaginal narrowing operations may have become a necessity, in order to preserve married life and its pleasure, and to increase the woman’s self-confidence. There are many vaginal tightening operations that aim to increase the strength and tightening of the vaginal muscles, support the supporting tissues, and get rid of the excess lining. Below we will tell you about the narrowing of the vagina and the special operations for that.

Narrowing of the vagina

 With the development of the medical world, special operations have been created to narrow the vagina, with the aim of solving several problems, the most famous of which is the expansion and relaxation of the vaginal wall, resulting from repeated births or in the post-menopausal period as a result of a decrease in the level of estrogen in the body, which leads to weakness of the supporting tissues of the pelvic and vaginal area, The positive results of the process of vaginal narrowing show that, instead of improving the external appearance of the vagina, it helps to increase orgasm, and rid women of sexual frigidity.


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