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Prominent ear, sometimes called bat ear, is the growth of the ear abnormally or more than usual, or a type of deformity in the growth of the ear cartilage that leads to its appearance larger than usual and making it appear far from the head in a way that cannot be noticed.

A prominent ear is sometimes hereditary and a person is born with it, but statistics and studies prove that 30% of children who suffer from it are born with normal ears, but they protrude and grow during growth, and sometimes the ears protrude together and in other times one is more prominent than the other.

Doctors have certain measurements and standards for the ear and angles for its distance from the head that differ according to gender and age.

Prominent ear surgery method

In the cases I follow, the prominent ear surgery takes about 1.5 hours. Of course, in the presence of other conditions, when other abnormalities are shared with her and for patients who have had operations before, this period may be longer than that. Although the operations differ according to ear problems, in all prominent ear operations an incision is made behind the ear. For this reason, there will be no trace of the operation in the anterior part of the ear and therefore no one will notice it. Through the incision made behind the ear, a small amount of skin is removed and the cartilage is attached to the tissue. I don’t remove a lot of skin in particular, only the methods of removing excess skin need to be redone over time.

After the prominent ear operation

Compression bandages that are used on the patient are very important. The ear is a very good blood organ. The pressure exerted by the compression bandage prevents blood from leaking from the tissues after the operation. There may be earache that lasts for a few days but it can be overcome with medication. After 4-5 days, this bandage is removed and a lighter pressure bandage is placed in its place to cover the ear. After removing these bandages, it is recommended to use the tennis head band, especially at bedtime. The use of this band during the day also preserves the shape of the ear.

Sutures are used, which dissolve on their own and usually go away within a week. 7-10 days after the operation, serious swellings occur in the ear. Any activity that causes flexion of the ear should be avoided for 45 days. Most adults can be back to work within 5-7 days. Children can go to school after seven days, but they must be careful with their activities.

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Treatment Pricing


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Postoperation control

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