Facial Plastic Surgery

A beautiful face and harmonious features are the dream of every girl. beautification of the face . What are facelift surgeries? They are cosmetic procedures that work and help to increase the beauty and beauty of the face by performing facial plastic surgery to get rid of several problems such as wrinkles under the eyes and around the mouth, loosening and sagging of the jaw skin, getting rid of the double chin, getting rid of the effects of old wounds or removing the effect of scars, and these problems occur due to the weather factor and smoking And drinking alcohol, psychological stress and aging.

How is facelift surgery done:
Facial plastic surgery begins with the patient being completely anesthetized. After that, the doctor makes incisions in the areas that the doctor wants or treats using a scalpel dedicated to the surgical incision. After that, the process begins by injecting fat in one of the areas of the face. Medical care and the duration of this operation lasts two hours, then the doctor places bandages on the incision, and then the effect of the surgery will be cured.


Facial Plastic Surgery


Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure aimed at altering the shape of the nose, known for crusting a procedure to reshape the nose. One of the most common cosmetic procedures to improve the appearance.



Face-lift operations are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, especially among women, and aims to obtain a more youthful and fresh appearance of the skin of the face and neck, and reduce signs of aging such as sagging skin, whose appearance is usually affected by many factors such as skin thinness or loss of fat The face, stress, or the harmful effects of sun exposure, smoking, or even genetics.



Eyelid surgery is one of the most common cosmetic and functional surgical procedures. Blepharoplasty is a generally safe and effective cosmetic treatment, which will provide a significant improvement in appearance, with reduced risks. Blepharoplasty deals with the upper and lower eyelid contours.


A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift or forehead repair, is a cosmetic procedure to lift the eyebrows. A brow lift procedure improves the appearance of the forehead, eyebrows, and area around the eyes by tightening the skin and soft tissue of the forehead and brow.


Prominent ear, sometimes called bat ear, is the growth of the ear abnormally or more than usual, or a type of deformity in the growth of the ear cartilage that leads to its appearance larger than usual and making it appear far from the head in a way that cannot be noticed.


Some people suffer from the problem of double chin, which causes them inconvenience and embarrassment, so they may resort to double chin, what is it?


Dimple surgery (also known as dimple surgery or dimpleplasty) is an elective cosmetic surgical procedure performed to create dimples on the face.

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