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What is the cosmetic buttock surgery?

Buttock augmentation surgery is a type of butt lift surgery that provides a more youthful, natural and shaped appearance of the hips. Patients who do not like the image of their hips can undergo a buttock plastic surgery without there being a difference between shape and dimension or sagging skin.

How is hip surgery applied?

In buttocks aesthetic surgery, the person’s own fat is used in order to give shape to the hips. The results are as natural as possible, as the fat used belongs to the patient herself, so he is not aware that she has undergone plastic surgery for the excellent hip. If there is not enough fat in the patient’s body for use, filling materials can be used.

This Brazilian butt lift operation is also preferred by those who want to have more youthful and clear hips, and a more correct body profile. In this surgery, the person’s own fat is used, as it is the most natural way to increase the size of the hips. During the Brazilian butt lift surgery, the fat taken from the person’s local fat is transferred, and the injections are restored into his hips again with the purest and most proportional mixture of fat-stem cells to the degree possible.

To explain in more detail something; We extract the fat out of the body using 3 mm cannulas, after opening 1 mm perforations from specific areas of the body first through thin liposuction cannulas. The micro-holes of the cannula allow us to collect the smallest fat particles. Then the collected fat is centrifuged after liposuction, making it rich in terms of stem cells, and then the transferred fat from these areas is treated with precision and alertness. The donor fat transferred for re-injection into the hips is only worth part of. In most cases, more than 33% of the extracted fat cells are suitable for re-injection.

For this reason, the continuity and sustainability of the process increases, as the transfer is carried out with living stem cells. Only the highest quality donor fat cells are injected into the hips. For the sake of sufficient and correct fats, we try to do the transfer from at least two areas of the body or from three areas most likely.


Why is it necessary to apply a butt lift?

Anyone who complains about the image of the hips, their position, their size, or their severity, and those who have an unbalanced distribution of fat in the hips area due to the increase in weight, reduce it a lot. You don’t have to live with unwanted shape or size. Don’t forget that there is a simple, effective and natural solution to this problem! It is the most advanced technique by which fat transfer is applied to the hips. This method provides the feeling in a softer, and much more natural way. At the same time, there is no such risk as the body rejecting the application, as the fat used is the person’s own fat.

Healing and results

The recovery period and improvement after buttock augmentation varies according to age, health status, physical condition, and environmental conditions. Sewing is not done in the application. Rather, the process is carried out through minimal entrances. There will be no need to put a bandage on. It is possible to return to social life immediately after the operation, but we recommend within a week after the operation not to lift weights, not to run, and to avoid activities that require physical strength. The longer the rest period, the faster the recovery and recovery time.


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