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Arm lift surgery is a procedure that removes sagging skin and excess fat in the arm, which usually occurs as a result of repeated pregnancy or due to advanced age and cases of significant weight loss, and this process aims to improve the external shape of the arm, raise the level of skin cleanliness and prevent infections To collect dirt and sweat that occur in the folds of the skin.

There are two main types of arm lift:

Full Tightening: It is performed in cases of severe sagging and sagging in the upper and lower arm, in which a longitudinal and transverse incision is made.

Simple tightening: It is performed in cases of simple and specific sagging and was in the upper arm only, and only a transverse incision is made.

Arm lift surgery

Arm lift operation is performed under local or general anesthetic. There are several ways to perform this operation, which are classified as follows:

Operation in the case of light sagging


Which is confined to the upper arm only and in it are:

The wound is transverse in the upper arm via a wound in the armpit area.

Excess skin is removed, especially in the inner area of ​​the arms.

This method is characterized by the fact that the surgical scar is in a hidden area.

This scar usually disappears after about a year.

This method performs a lifting of the arms by 50-70% only.

Operation in the case of medium sagging.

The excess skin is removed through an incision extending from the armpit to the elbow from the inner side.

This method has the advantage that it removes about 70-90% of the excess skin.

But the disadvantage of this method is that the scar remains a phenomenon that cannot be hidden.

Operation in case of severe sagging.

In this case, the surgeon will do the following:

A transverse cut in the upper arm and a longitudinal cut from the upper arm to the elbow.

 The wound is technically and appropriately hidden on the inside of the arm.

The doctor places a tube under the skin to help drain fluids that may collect after the operation.

The tube is withdrawn after a day or two when the amount of secretions that come out through it has decreased.

Then the surgeon closes the wound in a cosmetic way by means of internal sutures under the skin.

Then a bandage is placed on the wound.

This process usually takes one to three hours under the influence of general anesthesia.

Most patients need to stay in the hospital for two or three days.

post operation

The patient must undergo a period of convalescence for a period of no less than ten days, after which he gradually returns to his normal life.

Wearing a special corset for about six weeks.

Refrain from exercising for at least 6 weeks.

Not delivering water to the wound until one day after removing the stitches.

The wound should be cared for daily by a doctor.

Refer to the surgeon immediately in case of increasing pain, redness, tearing, or pus coming out of the wound.

Refrain from smoking for two weeks after the operation.

The doctor may prescribe some painkilling pills for the patient if he needs to.


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