About Us

Buta Esthetic Clinic is a specialized plastic surgery center operating in Azerbaijan. Plastic surgeries are performed here using the latest medical innovations. All areas of plastic surgery – body and face surgery – are performed by highly qualified doctors. 

Do you dream of a beautiful face and body, a healthy life, a new smile? Choose us because we offer:

  • Low all-inclusive rates – all packages, all events, anesthesia, guest house, medication, tests, hospital stay, meals during the course, including hotel accommodations for travel meal, airport-hotel-clinic transfers without additional payment!
  • An opportunity to choose a doctor from the clinic team that includes the best plastic surgeons in Azerbaijan, with long experience and appreciation from international professional institutions.
  • Cultivation of a new generation and the finest types of implants. Product Enlargement is performed in the Commercial Products Industry in the USA – the first company to manufacture the products used to make products used in the manufacture of traditional products.
  • The clinic is accredited by the Azerbaijan Ministry of Health. Your comfort and satisfaction is our mission.
  • There is no possibility of pre-payment for a reservation.

Our doctors

Dr. Ilaha Quliyeva


Dr.Natiq Garayev

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Camil Badalov

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Rəşad Babayev

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Elnur Mehrali

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Araz Bayramov


Rapid access

Send us your picture and our doctors will let you know what kind of plastic surgery you need.